With the arrival of cold weather, you may be looking for projects to keep you busy around the house. Gardening, building a patio, or maintenance on your backyard deck aren’t great options for winter. Here are a few DIY projects you can do for winter home improvement.

Winter Home Improvement: Painting a Room

Repainting the bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom is a great project for winter when you’re stuck indoors. Choose a new color for the entire room or paint an accent wall. Purchase quality paint, rollers, and brushes for the best results. When you’re shopping for paint, purchase masking tape to cover trim that won’t be painted and canvas drop cloths to protect the flooring. To make these projects easier to handle, spend one day preparing the room and walls for painting and use the following day to apply the paint.

Update Your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Changing the kitchen cabinet handles and drawer pulls will update the look of the entire room. Measure your current handles to make sure you purchase replacements of the correct size. This is a quick and easy DIY update that only requires a drill and patience.

Install New Fixtures in the Bathroom for Winter Home Improvement

Make improvements to your bathroom by installing a new faucet. A modern faucet will improve the aesthetics of your bathroom and can make the entire sink look brand new. While you’re upgrading, install a luxury waterfall-type showerhead. A new showerhead will use fewer gallons of water per minute without a reduction in pressure.

Rearrange the Furniture

Moving the furniture is an upgrade that won’t cost a dime and allows you to make better use of your living spaces. Place furniture depending on the purpose and traffic flow of the room. Choose a focal point for the room and build around that. Create spaces for conversation in the living room. Rearrange your bedroom so that it feels like a more comfortable place to relax.

Check Your Home for Safety Features

Another way to improve your home while you’re spending time indoors is by inspecting the safety features of your home. Once each month test the smoke detectors to make sure the alarm will still sound. Make sure your home has at least one fire extinguisher on each floor and check that they are fully charged and ready to use. Test your carbon monoxide detectors and replace the batteries in your alarm system if needed.

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