Do you get excited when you see the first glimpse of tulips or crocuses peeking through the snow? They remind you that winter will not last forever and warmer weather is on its way, which means its time to prepare your garden for spring. Recent statistics indicate that at least 117.6 million Americans had a garden last year. Whether you have a sprawling country garden or a simple flower bed in the city, spring is a busy season for gardening. Remember these 5 tips to help get your garden ready.

1. Spring Cleaning for the Garden

Some gardeners like to leave dead limbs and leaves in their winter garden for area wildlife. If you did, you will need to do some extra clean-up to prepare your garden for spring. Prune away any dead limbs and pull up expired plants from last season. Rake up all this organic debris for your compost pile.

Once your beds are clear and the dirt is workable, blend a generous layer of manure or compost into the area to enrich the soil. As the vitamins and nutrients saturate your garden soil, your plants will have a better chance to thrive.

2. Spruce Up Your Gardening Tools

When you take proper care of your gardening tools, they will make your gardening work easier. Gardening tools are a considerable investment; however, they will last for many seasons when you clean and maintain them. recommends that you remove caked-on dirt and rub away rust with steel wool. You should also sanitize them with a mild bleach solution, and keep them rubbed down with oil, says the source. Keep your gardening tools sharp and in good working condition.

3. Order Bulbs and Seeds

Come February, most gardening companies mail their seed and plant catalogs. Some of these companies also have online purchasing options. Take time to carefully review the plant offerings, and then order what you need.

Many flowers and veggies can be started by seed indoors before being transplanted outside. Some of your favorite summer flowers grow from bulbs that need to be planted in the spring. Getting a head start on plant inventory is beneficial to prepare your garden for spring.

4. Starting Plants from Seed

While you create a list of plants that you will grow this year, take note of those that should be started indoors. Many of these flowers or vegetables have a longer growing season, so you must start them 4-6 weeks ahead of time, and then transplant them into the garden. You will need seed-starting soil (not potting soil), potting containers, and a heat lamp. Do some online research to find the specifics for starting seeds indoors, like The Farmer’s Almanac’s website.

5.Prepare Your Garden for Spring by Moving Shrubs

Are there some deciduous shrubs in your yard or garden that are growing in the wrong spot? Maybe they are competing for space with other plants, are not getting enough sun, or are in the way of yard maintenance. Early spring is the ideal time to relocate them because they are dormant. Dig a wide circle around each shrub, and gently dig up the root ball. Plant them in their new location and continue to water them to avoid plant shock.

Although it involves a lot of thought and work to prepare your garden for spring, it is an enriching job. As you follow these useful tips, you can think about the gorgeous flowers and produce that you will soon enjoy in your own yard. Gardening is a rewarding hobby that the whole family can enjoy! Everyone gets plenty of exercise, homegrown food, and beautiful flowers.

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