Painting is a quick, inexpensive, and easy way to improve your home. Add personality to a room with bold colors or create a relaxing space with neutral colors. When you’re painting your home, you want to be proud of a job well done once you’re finished. Use these tips to learn to paint like a pro and your interior walls will look like new.

Wash the Walls

Get started by wiping down the walls to remove dust. Vacuum around the ceiling to remove spider webs and other debris. If the walls are dirty, try using a household cleaner to remove the stains before covering the walls with a primer and painting.

Patch Holes to Paint Like a Pro

Before you paint, make sure your surface is clean and smooth. Use spackle and a putty knife to fill in any small holes, gaps, or cracks. For larger holes, use an aluminum mesh patch and then cover the patch with joint compound. Sand the area around the patches to make sure the wall is smooth.

Mask the Area

Take the time to mask around the area that you’ll be painting. Apply a quality painters tape near the ceiling and along the edge of any trim and baseboards. Unscrew and remove any outlet or light switch covers. If you’re painting an accent wall, mask the edges of the adjacent walls so there’s a clean line between them.

Paint Like a Pro with Quality Supplies

Talk to a local paint specialist about the type of paint you’ll need for the space you are covering. He or she might recommend a flat, satin, or glossy finish, depending on the area. Choose quality paint for the wall and invest in quality tools. It’s well worth spending the money on nicer roller covers and brushes. You’ll find these will provide better coverage and help you save money on paint. Good brushes will last for years and many projects when well cared for.

Use a Primer

Prepare the walls with a primer to create a perfect base. Primer covers stains, helps the paint adhere, and ensures the best color on your walls. Primer is especially important if you’re switching from a dark color to a lighter one, in which case it’s also best to use two coats. Use a white primer for light-colored walls. Use a gray primer if you’re painting the walls a darker color.

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