Many people enjoy gathering with friends and family outdoors, but it can be uncomfortably hot in the summer when the temperatures are higher. To protect everyone from the heat, shade your outdoor living spaces. You’ll have shelter from the sun’s brightness and warmth, whether relaxing in a hammock or having dinner. Here are some simple ways to add more shade.

Use Patio Umbrellas to Shade Outdoor Living Spaces

Patio umbrellas are portable and easy to use. Because they aren’t permanent, you can benefit from placing an umbrella where the sun is shining at the moment. They are also affordable and available in various colors and styles depending on your décor preferences. Patio umbrellas provide less coverage than a canopy or awning, so they are best for shading a patio table or single lounge chair.

Install Curtains

If your outdoor space is exposed to the light as the sun sets, patio curtains are an excellent way to shade the area temporarily. You can easily open or close curtains to allow air circulation, regulate the temperature, or block the sun. Outdoor curtains are available in various colors and patterns, so there is something for everyone.

Temporary Shade With a Pop-Up Canopy

Pop-up canopies are a portable option you can quickly install to provide shade. They fold down into a compact, easy-to-carry size, making them useful on the deck, patio, or by the pool. Canopies are available in several different colors, and some are water-resistant.

Build a Gazebo to Shade Outdoor Living Spaces

A gazebo can be a costly investment, but they provide a permanent structure that adds value and functionality to your yard. Gazebos are a great option to shade your outdoor space if you love spending time outdoors. As a bonus, gazebos provide a flat, useable area to set up a table and chairs or install a small grill.

Add a Roof

For a permanent shade solution, construct a roof over your patio or deck for the shelter you need. This method will shade your outdoor living space, and it’s a significant investment that may help increase the value of your home.

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