A patio or deck is an excellent asset for any home or apartment. If you and your family love spending time outside, maximizing patio storage is key to getting the most out of the space. Whether you look forward to entertaining friends or relaxing on the patio before taking a dip in the pool, here are some ways to increase storage.

Purchase a Potting Table

If you enjoy gardening, a work table to keep your supplies and materials organized is great for patio storage. You’ll find a variety of styles that create a functional space for re-potting plants and starting seeds. There are potting tables with storage built beneath the countertop. Some have hooks, drawers, and shelves to better organize garden tools, pots, soil amendments, and seeds.

Add a Storage Ottoman to Your Patio

Storage ottomans are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture inside or outside of your home. They serve as overflow seating if you run out of chairs. Keep extra pillows, throw blankets, or magazines inside the ottoman. To maximize patio storage, swap out traditional seating for comfortable ottomans, so every chair also provides storage.

Invest in a Storage Bench

Storage benches are another way to add seating and storage simultaneously. These patio furniture pieces are typically made of wood, plastic, or wicker. They are a great place to store gardening supplies, sports equipment, children’s toys, or the garden hose when you aren’t using it. Storage benches are functional and desirable, so modern patio sets often include the option to purchase a bench that matches.

Choose a Cabinet to Increase Patio Storage

Some homeowners do not have space for a backyard shed, but they still have things to store. In those cases, add a cabinet to your patio. Garden cabinets don’t take up much space, but they add storage possibilities in an easy-to-access location. Some gardening cabinets are designed to hold tools, like brooms and rakes, on the back of the door – further maximizing storage.

Use a Table That Serves Multiple Purposes

Today, homeowners can purchase tables with an internal compartment that serves as a cooler for drinks. To increase patio storage, a multi-function table is a wise investment. When choosing the right table for your patio, think about how you prefer to use the space. For example, if you use your patio as a bar when your friends come over to watch the game, a table with a built-in cooler might be useful. If you and your family enjoy relaxing on the patio, choose an outdoor coffee table with storage for books and magazines.

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