Now that school’s back in session and the days are getting shorter, it’s time to start planning your home for the upcoming fall season. Don’t wait until the last minute to improve and protect your home when simple upgrades and updates create a home ready for the cooler temperatures. By performing fall home maintenance over the course of a few weeks, you’ll minimize the stress of having to do it all at once. How can you prepare your home for fall?

Fertilize the Lawn

Experts agree that fall is the best time to fertilize the lawn. Fall fertilization gives the lawn a barrier of protection during the cold winter months and will help grow a lush green lawn next spring. Summer heat takes a toll on the lawn, so fertilize it now for better results come spring.

Call the HVAC Pros

Your HVAC unit has kept you cool and comfortable all summer long during the hottest days. This hard work can take its toll on the unit. Call an HVAC pro to inspect the unit and service any worn out components so that you can rely on it on the coldest winter days. It’s cheaper than repairing the unit after a breakdown and less burdensome since you won’t spend any length of time without heat.

Store Lawn Equipment

Lawn mowers, garden hoses, and other lawn equipment have no business outside in the winter when they aren’t being used. Store it in the garden shed or garage to prevent rust. Also, be sure to empty the gas tank since unused fuel left sitting can junk up the carburetor and damage your lawn mower.

Inspect the Roof

The roof has an important job, yet homeowners oftentimes overlook the area until problems arise. A roof inspection can prevent thousands of dollars in damages later. To prepare your home for fall, schedule a roof inspection with a professional inspector who can pinpoint any problem areas and determine your roof’s condition. If repairs or a roof replacement are needed, it is best to get it done early in the season before winter arrives.

Prepare Your Home for Fall: It is Just Around the Corner

If you perform your tasks around the house to get your home ready now, you can relax and enjoy all that autumn has to offer. Use the information above to prepare your home for the upcoming season change.

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