The roof over your head is a critical component of your home, and just like your car or your phone, it does not last forever. When your roof needs to be replaced, you risk serious not only serious damage during a weather event, but any of your belongings stored in the attic may be ruined. The best way to know if you need a new roof is to have a professional inspector conduct a roof inspection, either as part of a Complete Home Inspection or a la carte. Reveal 360 Inspection Services uses a camera-equipped small Unmanned Aircraft System(sUAS) to thoroughly inspect inaccessible roofs.

1. How Old is Your Roof?

An average lifespan of a roof is 20-30 years. A variety of factors can contribute to the longevity, such as quality and color of materials, harsh climates, and proximity of surrounding trees. Also, if the roof was installed over another roof or multiple layers, it will not last as long as the original roof and you will need a new roof in less time.

2.Shingles Warping Shape

The first areas of the roof to check for warped shingles are the parts exposed to direct sunlight. When shingles begin to warp curl, buckle, crack, and lose granules, it is a sign that they are reaching the end of their life expectancy. Before too long, the shingles that aren’t sitting in direct sunlight will follow suit.

3. Conditions of the Valleys

Valleys are critical areas of the roof. Everything flows through them before reaching the gutters: rain, snow, sleet, and hail. Therefore, if the shingles on the valleys are deteriorated or missing, it is definitely time to consider a roof replacement before you start running into leakage. Valleys can be hard to see just from viewing from the ground, which is why we always get on the roof when possible or use our sUAS to inspect it up close.

4. Shingle Pieces in the Gutters

Cleaning your gutters is a necessary task for any diligent homeowner. Doing this every season protects elements of your home such as the basement, siding, windows, and doors from water damage. You can also get a good idea about the condition of your roof when you clean your gutters. If you are finding pieces of shingles that have broken off and wound up in your gutters, this is likely a sign that your roof is nearing the end of its life and is ready to be replaced. If this is happening, your gutters will also require more frequent cleanings which is another reason to invest in a new roof.

5.Daylight Shining into the Attic

If daylight is making it through your roof boards into your attic then chances are so are cold air, rain, and snow! Check for signs of moisture in the areas where the light is shining, because they usually go hand-in-hand. Then when walking the roof, pay attention for a spongy, bouncy feeling underfoot. All these signs point to decking that has been compromised by moisture, which means it’s time for a new roof.

Do you Need a New Roof?

While the best way to evaluate if you need a new roof is to hire a qualified home inspector who specializes in roof inspections. Merely looking at the roof from ground-level, even with binoculars, is not adequate to access all areas of the roof. Request an inspection with Reveal360 Inspection Services today!