Building a new home lets you have input on the construction and layout. You get the chance to design and personalize your living spaces. Let’s look at a few custom features for your new home.

Heated Driveway

Snow melts on contact with a heated driveway. This process uses a similar method used for indoor heated flooring. It uses a radiant heating system, with antifreeze and warm water running through tubing beneath your driveway.

Features for Your New Home: Custom Shelves

Adding built-in shelving creates a nice focal point in any room. Have the builder install a multimedia unit into the living room or surround an archway with bookshelves. Built-in shelving gives your home more functionality and creative ways to decorate.

Expanded Garage

Increasing the garage space isn’t something you often think about when designing a home. However, you’ll appreciate the extra space. Add another garage bay or just some width to the garage space. This provides more room to store yard tools, bikes, sporting equipment, and holiday decor.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

Built-in lighting in the kitchen is a useful upgrade to cabinets. Make sure the builder wires this lighting to a wall switch so it’s easy to turn it on and off.

Higher Ceilings Expand the Space in Your New Home

Any room looks better with taller ceilings. Higher ceilings give your home a luxurious feel. They also allow for more options when furnishing and decorating the rooms.

Built-in Sprinklers are Useful Features for Your New Home

A sprinkler system makes your job easier when it comes to keeping the yard looking great. You can set a timer to schedule regular watering times. Newly built homes also have newly installed landscaping.Trees, plants, and sod that take time to root correctly. Watering these areas is important to the health of your lawn.

Heated Floors are Premium Features for Your New Home

Install warming coils under the floorboards so they are more comfortable to walk on. Heated floors work great on hardwood floors and in bathrooms. You’ll be happy to have them on a cold winter morning.

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