Many homeowners struggle with garage organization. In fact, some garages are so cluttered that it’s impossible to park or find anything inside the garage. One of the best solutions to this problem is to get a garage storage rack to help organize the garage.

What is a Garage Storage Rack?

A garage storage rack can be a shelving system that is assembled upright and against a wall of the garage. Another type of garage storage rack is an overhead system that allows you to store items above your vehicle. These garage storage rack systems are usually made of metal and are designed to hold hundreds of pounds of weight.

What Kind of Garage Storage Racks are There?

There are two basic types of garage storage racks available. The most common are the shelving racks that are usually available as three, four, or five-tier systems. For larger garages, you can store several racks side by side. These shelving racks are free standing and do not have to be installed or attached to the wall or the floor.

The second type of storage rack is the overhead rack. These racks require installation into the ceiling and are usually located above the vehicle.

How Can I Use Garage Storage Racks?

You can use garage storage racks to store everything from car repair and home improvement tools and equipment to holiday decorations and sporting equipment. Overhead racks are better for storing seasonal items you don’t use as often, like holiday decorations.

It’s best to place lighter materials on overhead racks since the rack is suspended from the ceiling. Clear storage bins are great for storing smaller items which you can then place on the overhead platform or on the shelves of the rack against the wall.

Which Garage Storage Rack is Best for Me?

If you have a number of heavy objects, use a free-standing garage storage rack shelving system. If you have lighter items and need more floor space in your garage, the better option is an overhead garage storage rack. You can also choose a combination of the two for ultimate garage storage space.

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