While winter days can be fun and cozy, plenty of risks come with the snow and cold. After many months of warmer weather, it can be easy to forget about winter safety at home. Here are some tips to help you stay safe and warm during colder weather.

Prepare the Furnace

Heat is necessary during the winter, so prepare for colder weather by scheduling a furnace inspection. A professional will come in and make sure everything is in working order. The furnace will be ready to heat your home safely and efficiently when it’s chilly out.

Before the weather gets bad, purchase a few spare furnace filters to have on hand. Regularly changing the filter helps keep the system operating well and can even cut down on the energy you use.

Outdoor Winter Safety

Avoid accidents and injuries by making sure you keep your walkways shoveled and salted. This will not only keep your family safe during the cold, snowy season, but it will also make your house look well cared for. Wear proper attire for shoveling or snow blowing, including a hat, gloves, and underlayers to keep you warm and comfortable.

Warm the Car Outside

Another important thing to practice in regards to winter safety is to heat your car outdoors. You may think that leaving the garage door open is enough, but sometimes harmful gasses such as carbon monoxide can circulate into your home and affect your family. If you crank your car to warm it up, move it outside the garage.

Watch the Weather Forecast

Take a few minutes to check the weather forecast online or watch it on the news. Sometimes the weather can change at the last minute, so it’s good to understand what is expected and you can plan your day or week accordingly. If bad weather is predicted, take steps to get your home and your family ready. If there are frequent power outages in your area, gather the supplies you will need.

Winter Safety Tips for Homes With Pets

Never leave your pet outside during winter storms and freezing weather. They are susceptible to the negative effects of the cold, too. While it is okay for your pet to be outdoors for a little while, prolonged exposure can result in hypothermia and frostbite. Keep a close eye on your supply of pet food and medications. It’s good to have a surplus in case of a surprise winter storm.

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