You don’t have to wait until spring or summer to create an outdoor retreat. In this article, you’ll find several creative ways to warm up your outdoor living space to make it comfortable in cooler weather. For most of us, outdoor spaces have become more important than ever in the past year. Especially if you’re working from home, these areas offer respite from the workday and a quiet place to relax and regroup.

Warm Up Your Outdoor Living Space with These Tips

Add a Fire Table

One way to warm up your outdoor living space is with a propane-powered fire table. This product is similar in appearance and size to a small coffee table. Flames rise from the center of the table and provide warmth and a cozy atmosphere. You can find many types of tables on the market that are both attractive and durable.

Standing Outdoor Heaters

Another way to warm outdoor spaces is with a standing space heater. These portable heaters aren’t just for restaurants with outdoor dining. They are readily available for homeowners. Standing heaters are either electric or propane-powered and you’ll find different models to suit your outdoor area. Purchase an extension cord rated for outdoor use for your heater. Alternatively, if the space heater uses propane, this is available from gas stations and hardware stores.

Hanging Heaters

Suspended heaters are ideal for covered outdoor spaces. Most are designed to stay in place no matter the season. You can run hanging heaters on electricity or gas. Some are designed to operate with a fixed wall switch while others plug into an outdoor outlet.

Install Additional Lighting

In summer, strings of lights or lanterns create a festive mood. Add more lights to illuminate your outdoor spaces as the seasons change and the days get shorter. Light fixtures can be solar-powered or electric and vary in style from path markers and deck post lighting to strings of lights for the patio. While more lighting won’t heat your outdoor space, it does contribute to a cozy aesthetic that supplements your heat source.

Build a Structure to Warm Up Your Outdoor Living Space

Make an outdoor meal or movie night more enjoyable in the cooler months by blocking gusts of wind from the space. You might plant a hedge or build a wall to act as a windbreak. Another alternative is to install heavy curtains around the porch to shield your guests from the weather. A covered trellis, pergola, or gazebo also provides shelter without limiting fresh air, which is ideal for safely gathering with friends and family.

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