Whether you want your home to look great for the season or you are planning on selling it, here are some tips to improve fall curb appeal. Curb appeal shows that you take pride in your home. This translates well to your neighbors and potential buyers. Take a look at the following options before the season gets away from you.

Rake Leaves

While piles of leaves are fun for kids, they can make a yard look unkempt. To get the most fall curb appeal, rake up and dispose of leaves 1-2 times per week. If your house is surrounded by many trees, you may have to rake more often. A clean yard in the fall is an attractive asset and shows you care about your home and your neighborhood.

Clean Gutters

Fall is a perfect time of year to clean your gutters. The debris that doesn’t make it to your yard will likely end up in your gutters. Clogged gutters can damage your roof, foundation, and other parts of your house. If you forego cleaning your gutters for long, it will become obvious that it’s been neglected. Clean your gutters to improve fall curb appeal at home.

Improve Fall Curb Appeal by Removing and Replacing Seasonal Plants

If you have a lot of seasonal plants and flowers around your home, they are likely nearly finished for the season. Dig them up and replace them with a fresh round of plants. Not only will the change add new life to your yard, but the seasonal colors will look great to passersby.

Place flowers along walkways. Flower pots and window boxes give you more flexibility about where you place plants. Aster, sedum, and goldenrod are great choices with vibrant colors that will boost your curb appeal.

Pressure Wash the Exterior

It’s likely that debris and gunk have collected on your walkways over the spring and summer months. Improve your curb appeal by pressure washing sidewalks, the driveway, decks, patios, and your siding, taking care to focus on the crevices. A clean exterior gives your home a great facelift.

Apply an Extra Coat of Paint 

The best way to freshen up your home is with a new coat of paint.  While this is a more involved and expensive project, new paint or stain will make your home look new and increase its value. Keeping the same colors is easiest, as it will allow you to skip the sanding process. If you’re selling your home and it’s a unique vibrant color, this is a good opportunity to strip the paint, apply a primer, and paint the exterior with a more popular neutral tone.

Don’t Overdo it with Decorations to Maximize Fall Curb Appeal

It’s common to see a lot more yard decorations in the colder months, however, too many seasonal decorations make your yard and home look smaller, which impacts your curb appeal. Consider a decorative wreath or accent piece on your porch. If you do choose to add some seasonal decorations, remove them when the holiday is over.

Fall curb appeal is easy, especially if you already properly maintain your home. Follow these tips and your home will welcome visitors and potential buyers alike. 

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