Spring Cleaning for a Healthier Home

Spring cleaning is a great way to freshen up your home after the cold days of winter. While you are washing windows and cleaning floors, are there places you could be missing that are hiding winter germs? Are you looking to remove the harmful bacteria left over from cold and flu season? There are four simple places that, if cleaned, will make your home a healthier place to live.

1. Under the Stove

Under the stove is one of those out of sight, out of mind places we often forget to clean. After a full year, and 300 plus dinners, there are bound to be small pieces of food that escaped and may be growing mold. A simple way to clean this is by pulling out the whole stove, then sweeping up those food particles before mopping the area. After you’re finished, just return your stove to its original position. Use two people when moving the stove–a great excuse to involve your family in some cleaning.

2. Ceiling Fans

The top of the ceiling fan is a common collecting spot for dust and grease. Dusting reduces the particles in your home’s air, which can be critical if you or a family member suffer from asthma. You can clean the top of the ceiling fan by simply grabbing a chair and a dust rag and then wipe off the ceiling fan. You can also find different products that are made specifically for dusting ceiling fans. While you are up there, set your fan to run counterclockwise in preparation for warmer weather.

3. Behind the Washer/Dryer

The backside of the dryer retains lint, dust, and maybe a missing sock or two. Sweeping behind your dryer and washer helps to eliminate the potential for a lint fire which can be harmful to more than just your health. Pull your dryer away from the wall, using two people, and sweep. You might get lucky and find some loose change back there, too.

4. Behind the Toilet

Behind the toilet is somewhere that makes most people cringe. The moist environment provides a space for mold, microbes, and bacteria to grow. While it is recommended to clean behind the toilet each time you clean your bathroom, make sure you are removing the bacteria during your spring cleaning by using a disinfectant and a rag to wipe the area. This can eliminate the spread of cold germs and the flu virus in your home.

Cleaning these four places is critical to making sure that your family has a safe and healthy spring, so get your family involved in the process. More hands make for less work and a healthier home for all.

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