No homeowner wants to find signs of mold in the home, but catching mold early is the only way to prevent it from spreading. Watch out for these common signs of mold to keep your household healthy.

Important Signs of Mold in the Home

Mold isn’t always obvious. By paying attention to signs of mold and the conditions that cause mold, you’ll be able to catch any problems early and eliminate them. Read on to learn about common signs that you have a mold problem.

1. Physical Symptoms

Some of the most telling signs of mold in the home are health symptoms. Physical symptoms like watery eyes, dizziness, sneezing, a runny nose, memory loss, or headaches may all be caused by mold. These symptoms are similar to a cold, but if they only happen at home or worsen while you’re there, you likely have a mold problem.

2. Excessive Condensation

Moisture beading up on the windows and pipes of your home means that you have a high amount of moisture in the air. With this type of environment, your home is the perfect breeding ground for mold. Condensation around your home is a sign that you probably already have mold growing.

The best way to dry out your home is with a dehumidifier. While you’ll have to treat the mold in your house to eliminate it, a dehumidifier will help keep the mold from returning.

3. Water Problems Are Signs of Mold in the Home

Other signs of mold in the home are any pervasive water problems, like leaky pipes, a roof leak, a flood, or a backed-up sewer line. Any of these situations put your home at risk of developing mold.

Pay attention to any cracks and bubbling in your wallpaper or paint, or water stains on the ceiling and walls. Check cabinets underneath sinks for pooling water or stains. In some cases, you can catch the water problem before mold starts to grow. If the problem has persisted for a while, chances are good that mold is already there.

Identifying the first signs of mold in the home prevents it from causing significant damage to your home and health. Keep this information in mind so you can detect a mold issue early on and take action to fix it.

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