Would you like to lower your water bill? You may think the only way to save water at home is to change your behavior. While taking shorter showers and adjusting other habits are good ways to save water, there are other ways to reduce water consumption.

What to Expect When You Save Water at Home

There are benefits to reducing the amount of water your household consumes. You’ll see your water bill drop and know that you are doing your part to protect a limited natural resource. Here are just a few of the effective ways to save water around the house.

1. Adjust Outdoor Water Usage

How much of your water is used outdoors? This may be from washing your car, irrigating your lawn, or watering the garden. Turn off automatic sprinklers and water your lawn by hand to reduce usage.

For your garden and flowerbeds, invest in a drip hose. Water early in the morning or late in the evening for the most substantial water savings.

2. Harvest Rainwater to Save Water at Home

If you are not currently harvesting rainwater from a collection system, you are missing out on a great opportunity to save water at home. Depending on the size of your rain barrel, all of the rainwater that you collect from your roof could be used to water your yard.

It is even possible to retrofit your home so that the collected rainwater can be used to flush the toilet. Any rainwater used reduces the amount of water that you pull from the public water supply and lowers your utility bill.

3. Save Water by Updating Faucets and Fixtures

Update water faucets, showerheads, and other fixtures to low-flow models. These are aerated fixtures that have strong water pressure while using less water. In making this upgrade, you are also improving aesthetics in your kitchen and bathrooms.

4. Replace Older Appliances

The dishwasher and washing machine are responsible for a considerable amount of water consumption. Invest in appliances that conserve water and energy for financial savings. Adjust how you use these appliances. Only run full loads in the dishwasher and the washing machine to save water at home.

Each of these steps can help you to save water every month and reduce your water bill. When you combine these tips with water saving habits, like taking shorter showers, you can save even more water home.

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