The holiday season includes many gatherings with family and friends. It is also the giving season and your home is likely filled with dozens of wrapped presents. This is why it is important to be aware of increased burglaries at this time of year. When you take a few steps to protect your home during the holidays, you can reduce your risk of falling victim to a property crime.

Why You Should Protect Your Home During the Holidays

You should protect your home throughout the year, but it is particularly important to focus on security during the holiday season. In the winter, nights are longer and many of your neighbors stay cooped up inside. From a criminal’s perspective, this is an ideal time to break into a home without being observed by others.

Most of us are away from home more frequently tending to holiday plans, shopping, and even traveling to visit family out of town. Your home may also have more valuables than usual because of gifts under the tree. The holiday season presents less risk and greater reward to criminals. With this in mind, take effective steps to protect your home during the holidays using the following tips..

1. Use Light Effectively

Winter nights are long and dark, but your home should be well-lit to protect your home during the holidays. Lights in your yard eliminate the shadows that criminals hide in as they attempt to break in. Interior lights give the impression that someone is home, which is another deterrent for criminals.

Holiday lighting can be combined with solar-powered yard lighting during the holiday season. You can set interior lights on a timer or use smart home technology to adjust lights periodically when you are away.

2. Choose a Smart Location for Your Tree

When criminals select a home to break into, they often look for an easy target that is dark and empty. They also look for a home that they believe has a lot of new, expensive items. If your holiday tree is visible from the road, criminals can easily determine if your home is worth breaking into.

A smart location for a tree and gifts is in the back of the home out of sight from the front door. Keep blinds closed at night and when you are away to further protect your home and your belongings.

3. Use Home Security Features

Take advantage of modern technology to protect your home during the holidays. Monitored home security systems have improved over the years thanks to technological innovations. Smart home technology can be used as a supplement or an alternative.

Motion-activated cameras can be linked to your doorbell or mounted throughout the exterior of the home. These cameras can send an alert to your smartphone when movement is detected.

4. Ask Someone to Watch Your Home

If you have travel plans this holiday season, ask a friend or neighbor you trust to watch over your property. When mail, flyers, and newspapers pile up for a few days or longer, it is clear to criminals that nobody is home. A friend or neighbor can collect these items regularly. If you plan to be gone for a very long time, consider asking a neighbor to park their car in your driveway from time to time as well.

These tips can take your home security to the next level this season and will continue to provide benefits throughout the year. Reveal360 Inspection Services wishes you a safe and happy holiday season!