Whether you’ve moved into your first home or you just want to add to your toolbox, here is a list of some must-have tools for tackling small repairs and home projects.

Must-Have Tools for Homeowners

Cordless Drill

You may be surprised by the number of times you’ll rely on a drill for projects around the house. Cordless drills are most often used making holes and inserting screws. Purchasing a battery-powered drill allows you to use it in locations where you don’t have access to an electrical outlet.

To increase the usefulness of a drill, expand your collection of drill bits. An assortment of bits will allow you to tackle a wider range of projects. You’ll want standard drill bits in various sizes, but it’s also useful to have a set of screwdriver tips.

Screwdrivers are Must-Have Tools for Homeowners

Screwdrivers will come in handy for a number of household projects. They are necessary for assembling furniture, attaching cabinet handles, installing a smoke detector, replacing a doorknob, and other tasks around the home.

Purchase a screwdriver with interchangeable tips so you’ll always have the right one for the size and shape of the screw. This reduces the number of screwdrivers you need to keep in your tool kit.

25-Foot Tape Measure

A tape measure is useful to measure spaces before you buy a new appliance or furniture. It also comes in handy when you’re planning the layout of a room. A 25-foot tape measure is a convenient size for most uses around the house. You’ll use it to measure windows for your curtains, know the size of your countertops, and determine the correct height for shelving.

Must-Have Tools Include a Hammer

As a homeowner, you’ll find many uses for a hammer. The most used type is a claw hammer. It has a flat end for driving in nails and a pronged claw end for removing nails, making it a must-have in your tool kit. A hammer is used for hanging artwork, building a deck, and during renovation projects.

Step Ladder

When you’re trying to install new light bulbs or reach high shelves, a step ladder is key. They offer great support, they’re easy to carry, and they make other tasks around the home easier. Depending on the rating, most step ladders can support 200 to 375 pounds.

Utility Knife

Utility knives are often used to open boxes, bags, and packages, and they are much sharper and easier to use than scissors. A utility knife can cut through thick materials with little effort, making them one of the must-have tools for DIY projects.

Work Light

When working at night or in poorly lit areas, you’ll need additional light to do a job properly. Purchase a work light that provides bright illumination, fits in a range of places, and easily adjusts to any angle. Some styles can also clip to surfaces so you can use the light exactly where you need it hands-free.

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