Do you want to save money on your utility bills? From scheduling energy audits to using natural sunlight, there are many steps you can take to make your home more energy efficient.

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient with HVAC Maintenance

Routine HVAC maintenance helps your system run optimally and last longer. Replace the air filter every 30 to 90 days to guarantee they aren’t clogged or dirty. Schedule an annual HVAC service with a professional to identify needed repairs, make sure the connections are properly tightened or lubricated, and clean the components of the system. Regular upkeep will help you avoid the costly expense of replacing your furnace.

Use of Natural Sunlight

Natural sunlight is one of the easiest ways to make your home energy efficient. It is also free. In the winter, open the blinds during the day to allow heat from the sun to enter your home. In the evening, close them to prevent the warm air inside from escaping. Doing this will help you save energy, as your heating system won’t have to work as hard. 

Opening the windows in the daytime also lights up your living spaces, so you can reduce the amount you spend on lighting your home.

If you can afford it, invest in solar panels. They help cut your energy bills by generating electricity you can use independently of the utility company.

Shop For New Energy Efficient Appliances

When it’s time to replace an appliance or two, shop for Energy Star-certified models because they use less energy than regular appliances and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They are slightly more expensive up front but the savings will be worthwhile over time. Energy Star machines use less energy than standard appliances, meaning the monthly utility bills will drop significantly, saving you money.

Don’t Use More Energy Than You Need

Even if you purchase energy-efficient products, don’t overuse them. Keep the thermostat in a comfortable setting instead of constantly changing it. Use the heater only when needed. Wait to run the dishwasher and washing machine until you have a full load. Switch off the lights when you exit a room and unplug all devices not in use. Many appliances and electronics continue to use electricity when plugged in, even if you’re not actively using them. Unplug the coffee maker, microwave, and your laptop and smartphone after they’ve finished charging.

Schedule an Energy Audit to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Once you’ve accomplished the tasks you can manage by yourself, call a professional energy auditor to evaluate your home’s energy efficiency. A trained auditor will inspect the home to identify energy-saving opportunities and pinpoint areas that need improvement. They will also recommend low-cost methods you can use to boost efficiency further. You’ll understand what areas require immediate attention and the necessary steps to make your home more energy efficient.

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