Your home is one of your most valuable assets. With all the money you’ve invested in your home, you want to take care of your investment. That’s why we have put together some tips on how to be a better homeowner. All it takes is a little effort and planning to keep your home well maintained and protected all year round.

1. Create a Schedule for Chores to Be a Better Homeowner

Many homeowners tend to overlook small chores because they simply don’t remember. If you want to be a better homeowner, create a maintenance list and set up a chore wheel so everyone in the household gets acquainted with the tasks.

2. Register Your Appliances

Most of your electronics, including power tools, electronics, and appliances, come with an extended warranty. Register your item with the shop/manufacturer. This way, your valuable belongings will be protected under the company warranty.

3. Install Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting improves your curb appeal and enhances safety. Exterior lighting deters burglars and allows you to see better outside at night. To improve your exterior lighting, illuminate your entryways and garage with motion-detecting lights.

4. Start or Join a Neighborhood Watch

Discuss putting together a neighborhood watch with your neighbors if you don’t already have one. Contact your local law enforcement agency for advice on this. Getting to know your neighbors and working together is an easy way to make your neighborhood safer.

5. Be a Better Homeowner By Making Your Home More Energy-Efficient

By making a few home improvements, you can save big on your power bill. One way to achieve this is to purchase energy-efficient appliances. Appliances use a lot of energy so you can cut down on costs by replacing old ones with ENERGY STAR rated machines. In addition to this, reduce drafts by sealing gaps, adding weatherstripping, or caulking to the space around doors and windows. You can also update or add more attic insulation.

Maintaining your home and trying to be a better homeowner go hand in hand. Any improvement you make will make you and your family proud of your home and property.

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