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Get More From Your Home Inspection

Reveal360 exceeds the minimum standards plus reports on how to operate your new home (some systems), the best ways to protect your investment – specific to your home, and a home inspection focusing on safety, fire hazards, and structural concerns. Our one-hour walk-through guarantees you will feel confident in your investment!


Reveal360 inspectors are complying with state and local requirements for wearing a mask and social distancing. We expect any persons participating in the walkthrough to comply as well.

Reveal360 has a walkthrough option for clients not able to or are uncomfortable with an in-person walkthrough.

Your inspector will set up a time to go over the report via phone with the report up on our respective computer screens.

Reveal360’s thorough inspection style makes this a great option.




What happens during the Walk-through:

  • We tour the property and have an open discussion about the home.
  • Everything we learn during the inspection is communicated with the client and agent.

For The Client:

  • They gain confidence about their potential purchase through understanding the concerns and be able to prioritize them for the agent’s objection list.
  • They learn important information about the home that would take years to learn on their own. 

For the Agent:

  • With clients understanding the concerns, their job is more streamlined as questions do not arise.
  • Agents become more educated on why something is a concern which helps them in the future. 

Reveal360 Goes Above & Beyond:

Most inspectors follow an industry standards of practice minimum requirements, but these standards of practice do not require testing of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. Review the standards of practice in the resources tab. 

Reveal360 exceeds the minimum standards plus reports on How to Operate Your New Home (some systems); Best Ways to Protect your Investment- specific to your home, and The Comprehensive Home Inspection focusing on safety, fire hazards, and structural concerns.

Reporting Done Right:

Everything discussed and mentioned during the walk-through is in the report.

Clients are notified of the reports availability for download within 24 hours of the inspection.

A Professional You Can Count On

My 18 years as a builder, 3 years as a building inspector and a home inspector since 2016, gives me the knowledge and confidence to provide opinions on certain concerns. Opinions can include multiple ways for repair or remedy. This extra information puts concerns into perspective that helps the client understand the severity of a particular concern.

FAA Certified Drone Pilot:

Home inspectors are not required to walk on roofs, per standards of practice, to inspect roofs that are deemed unsafe to walk on. For example if the roof is too steep of a pitch, too high off ground, or if the installed materials cannot be walked on.

Reveal 360 has the advantage in making sure your roof is inspected through our the latest aerial drone technology. This allows us to safely inspect a roof’s condition with an onboard high-definition camera. 

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